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Insolvency & recovery

Gascón Bernabéu can assist you If your business is facing financial difficulties.

Having sought expert advice as soon as possible can make all the difference.

Leaving the situation to worsen will ensure less options to resolve the problems in the near future.

Gascón Bernabéu will work with you to restore stability to your company.

Our bi-lingual team can assist with plotting a recovery strategy, arranging funding, restructuring of the business and advice in terms of staffing and redundancies.

If you need help with your business or branch in Spain, please contact us.

Gascón Bernabéu provide a confidential consultation and advice on how we can assist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have a question?

Debts for taxes and social security payments can quickly spiral out of control, we are often able to negotiate a payment plan.

This will enable the company to agree an affordable solution.

If your company is experiencing financial difficulties you are likely to need to negotiate a solution with your staff.

The goal may be to reduce down staffing levels and agree redundancy packages.

If the situation is beyond salvage, then it is important to follow the procedures laid out in Spanish employment law for closure of the company and laying off the staff.

Many businesses which encounter trading difficulties can work towards a solution by reviewing the overheads.

It is likely that savings can be made.

Our experienced team are on hand to review the outgoings for the business and suggest ways in which costs can be reduced.

Following this, we can assist with negotiating with landlords, staff or suppliers.

If client non or late payment is causing your business financial problems, Gascón Bernabéu can assist.

We have a proactive debt collection department who are able to pursue debtors on your behalf.

Our team are experienced in dealing with all manner of trade disputes.

Gascón Bernabéu can assist you with closure of your Spanish business.

Our team of lawyers and accountants are able to advise and facilitate winding down the business whilst complying with all regulations.