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Trade with Spain

Transport & Logistics

Maritime transport is to a great extent the most used method of transportation for international trade.

Gascón Bernabéu advise our clients on the operations and steps to be taken.

We also have experts in the road freight transport sector, to which the convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR) applies, along with transport by rail and by air.

We advise our clients to solve and to avoid disputes between freight forwarded, consignees and other logistic operators.

In extrajudicial stage we make contact with all the agents involved with the aim to solve the claim as amicably as possible while avoiding claims of long duration and doubtful result.

We help our clients to carry out the steps and necessary documents in the international trade.

From advising on Customs tariffs, international VAT, exportation licenses and other negotiations of commercial transit within the EC or with third countries.

We act on behalf of clients before authorized consignees (bonded houses) and intervene for the tariffs payment (excise duties) and any other payment of taxes or public valuations for exportation movements, inside the European Union.

Please don´t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have a question?

If you wish to trade with a Spanish company, you will need to benefit from a working relationship with a reputable and reliable transport company.

Our trade team can provide introductions and negotiation of terms with established transport companies.

If your company has cause to pursue a transport company in Spain, Gascón Bernabéu can help you.

Our aim would be to attempt to reach an amicable agreement to avoid the time and expense of court action.

If proceeding to court is the only option, our experienced team can provide you with representation in court throughout Spain.

Gascón Bernabéu provides representation to companies throughout the world.

Our bi-lingual team of lawyers are experienced with understanding the needs of international clients.

We are able to provide you with your transport options for consideration.

The important points are typically delivery times, cost, suitability to product etc.

Our trade team can negotiate the terms of a contract with a logistics company.

Our lawyers will protect your interests and also ensure that the contract is agreed in an efficient and timely manner.