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CIF registration

Gascón Bernabéu offer a wide range of services to both private clients and companies.

Our accountancy and finance department are well versed with providing services and solutions to companies from within Europe and beyond.

What is a CIF?

It stands for certificado de identificación fiscal.

It is a company registration number.

Spanish registered companies, for instance with the status as an S.L., S.A., would automatically have this number.

This provides formal registration on the company tax system in Spain.

Whereas in many countries a company would be issued with a separate VAT number, in Spain the CIF also forms the VAT number.

Why is a CIF required for a foreign company?

Many foreign companies wish to either trade regularly in Spain, or with a Spanish company or set up a branch in Spain.

In those cases a CIF may be required or would be highly recommended.

Many of our clients are companies based throughout Europe who wish to set up a branch in Spain or simply have an employed representative in Spain.

In this case a CIF is required to register the foreign company in the Spanish system.

This also enables the company to employ people in Spain.

The service

Gascón Bernabéu  offer a CIF service for foreign companies.

Our multi lingual staff are familiar with company documentation from international entities and as such ensure that the CIF registration process is smooth and straight forward.

As part of our service we will obtain NIE certificates for the Directors of the foreign companies.

This is mandatory to obtain a CIF for the company.

The NIE serves a similar purpose to the CIF except for an individual.

If your company is considering trading in or with Span, then the first step is to contact us.

We will discuss your requirements and confirm whether a CIF is required or favourable for your business.

Please feel free to contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have a question?

CIF stands for certificado de identificación fiscal.

The regulations governing distance sales in Spain stipulate that you must obtain a CIF and pay VAT in Spain once you reach the threshold of €35,000 in one year.

Your company will require to be registered in Spain with a CIF number if you wish to register a particular product.

For instance you may wish to register a medicinal product with the Ministry of Health (AEMPS) in Spain.  In this case you will require a CIF.

Your company should hold a Board Meeting and grant a Board Resolution in favour of the individual being responsible and authorised to carry out the project in Spain.

We always require a Power of Attorney in order to obtain a CIF. In this way, the POA just needs to be grated by the authorised individual.

Once you have a CIF number this also forms your IVA (VAT) number in Spain.

Should you need to file quarterly IVA returns in Spain, this will be the number in which they are filed.