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Employment law in Spain

Employment law in Spain

Posted by: Gascón Bernabéu
Category: Corporate Law

GB Abogados provide a range of employment law services to both companies and individuals.

Our bi-lingual team of solicitors benefit from years of experience in employment law in Spain.

Gaining employment in another country is a major step for many of our clients.  Knowing your rights and obligations in a new country can be daunting.

GB Abogados´employment solicitors provide a comprehensive service for international clients who work in Spain.


GB Abogados represent many employers throughout Spain.

Your business may be an international company or you may have a branch or SL in Spain.

No matter, your company size or structure, GB Abogados can assist you with any manner of employment situation in Spain.

Our bi-lingual team of solicitors are constantly up to date with the changing legislation to provide you with a clear and proactive service.

GB Abogados can assist you with a wide range of employment issues such as:

  • Employment contracts
  • Amendments to contracts
  • Dispute resolution
  • Settlement agreements
  • Unfair dismissal hearings
  • Disciplinary proceedings
  • Negotiation on redundancy packages
  • Employee dismissals


You may need assistance with:

Contracts of Employment

Our team can review an employment contract and explain the terms and conditions.  GB Abogados can also help you with regards to amendments to your contract of employment.

Consultancy Agreements

If you have been offered a consultancy role on self-employed terms by a company or individual in Spain, we can assist.

Reviewing the contract will protect your interests and provide clarity as to your position.


Being told that you are redundant is an extremely stressful time.  For many, the situation can be a surprise and the need to obtain a new job unexpected.

GB Abogados employment solicitors can assist you throughout in order to protect your rights and ensure that you receive the terms that you are entitled to.

Unfair Dismissal

GB Abogados represent clients who have been dismissed from their jobs in Spain in a manner deemed unfair.

We represent your best interests, explain your rights and provide clear advice to guide you.


If you feel that you have been the victim of discrimination in your job in Spain, our bi-lingual team of solicitors in our employment law department can assist you.

These situations can be very delicate, as many clients wish to keep their job and are naturally concerned about how to approach the question of discrimination without damaging their relationship with their employer irreparably.

Disciplinary Procedures

You may be subject to disciplinary proceedings by your employer.  GB Abogados can represent your throughout this process to ensure you are given a fair hearing.

Settlement Agreements

You and your employer may wish to reach a settlement in order to end your relationship.  It is important that any agreement signed protects your interests and is valid.

GB Abogados can help negotiate with your employer and ensure a fair and just settlement.

If you require advice in relation to an employment in Spain, please don´t hesitate to contact us. GB Abogados offer a no-obligation consultation.